Thursday, July 22, 2010

Lava advancing on two homes ~ Flow plain expanding with breakouts

As of 8:30 AM this morning the entire new and very hot lava plain across the coastal flats, now bordering Kalapana Gardens subdivision, is inflating and producing molten pahoehoe breakouts on all sides and into forests beyond.

This swelling of the lava fields is re-threatening homes in the area; especially two that are very close moving lava. The house shown above is Jeans, and further south a few hundred yards is Gary’s, whom I have previously been reporting on, and shown in the two images below taken early this morning. (click on the images for slightly larger size view)

Gary's home in both photos

Looking northwest - click on the picture for a large size

Molten breakouts are seen sporadically along the entire perimeter of this expansive flow field, this shot was taken near Jean's house.

Above, a rare lichen-fed methane fire as the lava ignites it - this looks very cool on my video clips ;)

Inflation from under Kilauea Caldera is likely pumping up this lava flow; monitors as of this morning:

For a full report and images from the last week of postings on this lava flow, they can all be seen here.

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