Sunday, December 12, 2010

~ Storm watered dry side of island ~ Lava report unchanged ~

Our storm did place a blanket of snow over our two big volcanoes Mauna Loa & Kea. Above is Mauna Kea.
Photo courtesy of Big Island photographer Ethan Tweedie who specializes in majestic panoramic vista shots of the Big Island.

Just a quick post today -

The big blustery storm system did dump some heavy rain on all the Hawaii Islands, including areas that really have been struggling with serious drought for some time. Ironically, the normally 'wet-side' of the Island of Hawaii received the least amount of moisture from the storm, likely because the rain front approached from the west of the island thus creating a reverse affect of our usual east-north-east Trade Showers that leave the west side of the Big Isle dry.

I have not been out to check on the progress of the lava advancing down the Pulama Pali, but reports I have received from those that have are stating there has been little change since my last report here

USGS/HVO posted a couple new aerials of that surface flow on the pali that I have been taking pictures of looking up at from Kalapana Gardens this past week...

I will be checking it out further later tonight or tomorrow.

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