Tuesday, December 7, 2010

~ More lava visible from Kalapana Gardens ~

Sweet little crescent moon setting over the coastal lava plains last night at dusk, which followed this voggy sunset: both taken at the lava viewing parking area from behind my photo display booth last night.

There are three images posted below: One from yesterday afternoon showing the Pulama Pali by day and taken from the Kalapana Gardens access road & gate at 2:00 PM yesterday; one taken from the exact same location at 9:30 PM last night; and the third is a layered image of the first two.
Click on any of these images for a nice larger size

I always find it difficult to spot the surface lava high on the pali during the day. Layering the two images solves that! I partially erase most of the night shot to reveal the location of the molten lava and glows.

The lava glow in the foreground appears to be at around the 900 to 1100 foot elevation. The more distant glow I believe is from the sprawling surface flows in and around the rootless shield area near 1900-to 2000-foot elevation.

These surface flows are following overtop the April-May & July Quarry flows of this year... If the lava continues down the pali it will be very interesting to see which way it goes when it reaches the coastal plains below.

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