Monday, December 13, 2010

~ Pali lava sprawling broadly – continuing down slope ~

Looking up the Pulama Pali at about the 500-foot elevation-- sprawling pahohehoe lava on all sides of the July quarry tubes.

Above: Lava Dave with two friends. In the background is Kalapana Gardens and we can see Dave's house in the middle distance.

Much of the lava breaking out was thin but a few places were making some nice roping and twisting.

Above: Here we can see just how close to this large old kipuka forest the flow is now passing.

While traversing the coastal plains I found some very hot areas, so hot they were glowing red between the cracks (The photo above was NOT taken on the coastal plain but up on the pali). Also, along the kipuka near the ocean, by the old Fisherman's Road, brush was burning... So there must still be some slow moving lava dribbling into the tube system in that coastal area. I visited both Jean's and Gary's house remains and will post photos of those two tomorrow.

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