Tuesday, December 14, 2010

~ Remnants ~

I returned to the burned-out Kalapana Gardens home site of Jean Olson. Lava ignited Jean’s in the afternoon of November 27th then it filled in the area where the home and gardens were. You can revisit that story in photos and video here.

These photos document most of what remained: a variety of items were lifted up on top of the inflating lava, or left protruding from it. The lava in that area was still very hot to the touch and strong sulphur fumes wafted from fissures. Click any image for a larger view size.

Above: Embedded into the lava, lounging chairs (perhaps Jean's equivalent to Gary's lava viewing chairs) Just beyond the chairs is where the lava stopped advancing -(though the older lava looks similar in this photo) and spared a planted tree and what appears to be the property border corner pin-marking pole... And beyond that we can see the row of homes further east into Kalapana Gardens.

Below: The remains of the aluminum roof a partially stuck in cooled lava

Above: Clothespins cling to lines between lava-encased support posts.

~ Tomorrow I will revist, via photos, Gary Sleik's twice-burned out homestead.

Current lava conditions in the Kalapana area:

*Yesterday’s post has the latest info on the lava approaching Kalapana Gardens. Surface lava has now reached some kipuka forest and brush; sparking fires there.

These breakouts can be seen quit well now from the end of highway 130 and the extended single lane lava viewing access road.

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