Wednesday, October 6, 2010

~ Wider ocean entry, limited surface lava, activity in Kilauea ~

The ocean entry from the Kalapana Gardens access road at 7:30 this morning. Click for a larger view size; the morning helicopters have arrived in this shot.

In the pre-dawn light I was able to see a few red glowing areas on the Pulama pali where active breakouts continued as reported on yesterdays blog. Last night I could also see these same spots and noticed a small breakout on the coastal flats near the existing lava tube west of the access road.

Crater cams showing some stronger activity the past 24 hours:

Below, 9AM this morning (One portion of the crater floor, click on the highlighted cam link text to see the entire crater floor):Pu`u O`o overlook crater cam is revealing lava breakouts during the nighttime and the day as the two captures below show:Below, 9:00PM last night:

Last night I saved a capture of the Halema’uma’u overlook cam because it was so intense looking on the churning lava crust way down there:This cam often has a pretty decent view of the lava surface even in the daytime, clink on the linked text above for the current cam shot.

An abrupt drop in magma pressures beneath Kilauea took place early this morning, especially at Pu`u O`o, as shown on the sites graph here:

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