Monday, October 18, 2010

~ Creating volcanoes out of volcanoes ~

Master glass-blowing artist Kimball Trump creates mini molten volcanoes using raw 2000-degree lava and his glass-blowing pipes. Here is one next to his still-hot glassblowing pipe:

Movie footage and stills shot last night out on the coastal plans surface flow breakouts.After making four volcanoes Kimball created a foot and a fish then returned them back into the molten lava.

Watch the four-minute movie of this by clicking on the YouTube window below -- Click on this link to open it fully in YouTube (Note if you double click on the movie here you may end up loading both movie clips at the same time):

Coastal viewing update
Last report I received was last night; that the surface flow had made some more small gains by was nearly stalled. I will update this later today if something more exciting is happening there.

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