Friday, October 8, 2010

~ Ocean entry delta broadens + Fishing hotspot ~

Ocean entry at sunrise this morning.

I spoke with a fellow this morning while we were both overlooking the broad lava bench and he was telling me that when he was in the same area last night and a large portion of the massive bench were rivers of lava almost like a lake of molten rock. Where the lava has been flowing off the bench into the sea has changed location many times in the past few days. As of this morning the dominant entry points were the far west end and sometimes off the furthest point jutting out toward the ocean. The delta is extending westward again.

Very early this morning three local fishermen were doing their best effort at catching a large ulua, or jackfish. Many larger ulua have been taken off of rocky coasts where the jagged lava meets the ocean providing for a deep drop off where these fish like to congregate; some locals claim the biggest ulua are caught next to active lava flows ... Yes they caught & released a few small ones

Visitors to the Hawaii County lava viewing area who stayed late last night were treated to a period of exceptionally bright entry glow and what appeared to be separate entry points all along the fuming coastal delta. I took the photo above just before 10:00 PM last night from the access road, and yes, that house I often frame into the photos from the road makes another appearance ;)

Also viewed after dark last night were random little molten lava breakouts all down the Pulama pali and even out on the coastal flats west of Kalapana Gardens area. These breakouts appear as orbs of red and follow the lava tube system.

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