Thursday, October 28, 2010

~ A few lava breakouts on the pali and flats ~

Just a quick and late update:

From midnight of the 26th to midday of the 27th, as the inflation pressure of magma peaked out, the extra pressure produced was possibly the force that pushed more lava into the tube system than it could handle; causing molten lava breakouts to erupt in several locations in the past day.

At its peak pressure timeframe, lava broke out about one-mile due west of the county coastal lava viewing area and after dark a little bit of this could be seen from the access road. Very early this morning, Kalapana Gardens residents reported a sizable river of lava flowing on the surface down the Pulama Pali. These types of breakouts have not lasted more than a day or two before crusting over during the past few months. Perhaps tonight we will get some new reports.

The ocean entry lava continues to be active and appears as two entries, even though it is just lava entering the ocean at two separate parts of the lava bench on the western end.

A lingering chest cold is still holding me back a bit; hence the missing lava reports.
The time at home has not been all rest though; I have been chipping away on a large, and exciting, lava movie project …

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