Sunday, September 26, 2010

~ Surface flow lava breakout near viewing area ~

Photo courtesy of local resident and taken around 2:30PM today –Sunday.

This should be a nice show for visitors today and tonight.

I will visit the area tomorrow if I can and give a full update then.

Hawaii County lava viewing area is located off the very end of Highway 130 by Kalapana Gardens. Parking and port-o-potties available on site. Open between 2PM and 10PM with the last car allowed in at 8PM. From the parking area there is a ¾ mile walk down paved road to the barricaded lava view site.

Besides the new lava breakout you will also see the strong ocean entry steam plume to the south, as seen in the photo above. This is where molten lava is pouring into the sea.

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