Thursday, September 23, 2010

~ Full moon with Jupiter and ocean entry lava at dusk ~

Above: Last rays of sun catch portions of the ocean entry lava plume; as seen from the Hawaii County lava viewing access road.

Out at the lava viewing access road last night skies were mostly clear as evening came on. By dusk the molten lava, which is not directly visible from the access road, was already reflecting up into the growing steam plume:

Dusk skies to the west displayed a brilliant planet Venus shimmering between wispy clouds: Click on any of these pictures for a nice larger size

To the east after sunset the full Harvest Moon rose, followed closely by the planet Jupiter We can see four of Jupiter’s many moons in this shot.(EDIT- see first comment below)

I discussed the uniqueness of the Jupiter-full moon combination in yesterday’s post

I will be out on the access road vendor parking area this afternoon and into the evening today if you would care to come by and say hi; this will be my last day setting up my display of large lava flow canvas prints until sometime next week,

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  1. Uranus & Jupiter:

    One of my blog readers has informed me…,
    Re: Sep 23rd Hawaiian Lava Daily Blog. The bright dot between Jupiter and our moon is not a fourth Jovian moon. That's the planet Uranus, which is in conjunction with Jupiter this month. Spotting Uranus is a rare treat. Getting a clear picture of Uranus is even better. Thanks for the great photo!

    Thanks for that addition! ~ Leigh

    One online site writes about this Here