Tuesday, September 14, 2010

~ Eruptions sites stable and active ~

A few days ago I posted the aerial image below with notes. The area on it I labeled ‘Coastal flats hot zone’ is where the other photos I add today were all taken. This lavascape is hot and degassing in places, especially along the lava tube delivery lines.Above - looking northwest across the coastal flats towards the Pulama pali where the lava tubes run down the mountain to this area.
Below: The swath of destruction across the 'hot zone' and the ocean entry steam plume beyond

No surface flows are being found lately.

D/I events are beginning do the 24-hour pulsing thing again:

Both Halema’uma’u and the coastal ocean entry visitor sites have good viewing of the ongoing eruption.

I will add updates when I can, or when significant changes to the volcanic eruption take place…. Or, of course, any other exciting stuff is heading towards the islands like super ocean swells, tsunamis or hurricanes…
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  1. Thanks again for the updates Leigh.
    3 weeks and we will be there and hope we can look up your booth.
    Mahalo again & Aloha