Thursday, September 30, 2010

~ Kona winds send toxins inland ~ Viewing area closed ~

County coastal lava viewing area with large plume hanging over it. Courtesy of local source.

Here is a screen-capture of the Halema’uma’u crater cam showing the thick vog blanketing the national park

Both the Halema’uma’u crater (above) in the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and the toxic steam plume and associated lava tube gases are wafting inland from the southwest towards the northeast.

Hawaii County Civil Defense shut down the lava viewing area on the coast today, as they had done late yesterday as well. The fumes at both locations contain quite a list of things you don’t want to breath, especially those with sensitive lungs, asthma or who are pregnant.

Here is a screen capture of the National Parks Service sulphur dioxide monitors at 2:30 PM:

You can phone the Civil Defense for updates at 961-8093, and if you listen to the message long enough you will get a “for more information” number to call directly to the staff at the viewing area.

Apparently the national park remains open judging by the people looking at the crater off the Jaggar Museum.

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