Saturday, November 6, 2010

~ USGS and HVO appreciation day ~

On their images webpage the USGS posted this October 28th overlay of thermal and normal photos really does show the active lava:Click on it to study the detailed hotspots. The yellow-white areas on the flow field show active breakouts. The large area of purple and red colors in the foreground shows the flows emplaced in July and August of this year. These recent flows are inactive but still warm.

Below we see a nice recent aerial of the coastal flats showing the area of devestation from the July-until-now lava flow. The more silvery looking lava is the most recent surface flows.

The big deflation drop we had for a few days has tried to rebound but seems not quite ready return to inflation:

I sure appreciate all that the Hawaii Volcanoes Observatory (HVO) and the US Geological Survey (USGS) does to keep us informed with the technical aspects of Kilauea Volcano and for the many other things they do. Their work involves many dedicated personnel and hours of gathering data both on the ground and by instruments. You can look through the USGS/HVO WebPages starting here

Viewing update:
Wind and rain have dampened lava viewing at both the fuming crater in the National Park and the coastal viewing site yesterday and last night. The weather forecast is for a similar day & night, but there could still be some breaks in the rains for good viewing at both locations.
I think the HVO information number is: 967-7328
And the direct line to staff at the coastal viewing area after 2:00 PM is 430-1966 or 217-2215

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