Monday, November 1, 2010

~ Halloween surprise lava breakout near coastal viewing area ~

By mid-afternoon yesterday signs of a new surface flow of lava appeared within eyesight of the Hawaii County viewing area at the end of the Kalapana access road. The breakout is straight southwest from there approximately 900-feet away and was still advancing by 9:30 PM last night. I did not take any photos of this. If the flow is still advancing tomorrow afternoon I will go out there for some photos of visitors watching it; otherwise my next report from the coastal lava fields will be around 11:00 Am, November 3rd, Wednesday morning.

Below is an updated version of that aerial photo with my rough notes added showing the Halloween breakout. I will supply a much more accurate location in two days with photos.

So we may have some surface lava to be seen today and tonight. If you are considering heading out to the end of highway 130 to view the ocean entry and surface flow, you might want to first phone the Jan Guard security personnel who will be right at the viewing area (after 2:00 PM) at 430-1966 and get the latest update on the lava action.

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