Friday, November 5, 2010

~ Lava pressures drop under the volcano ~

A pre-dawn rising crescent moon over the ocean entry lava flow. You can see the face of the Volcano Goddess Pele in the lower one; (click on the image for a larger size)

Another large rise and fall of magma pressures within Kilauea volcano’s reservoirs has once again affected all lava activity in the two big craters and the down slope eruptive system.You might notice that magma pressures were rising strongly at the time I recorded the explosive ripping open of the coastal lava bench November 2nd. After the pressure peaked on the 3rd most of the surface flows stalled or ceased and the ocean entry lava was greatly reduced, at least when I was there yesterday, flowing only in one location instead of many. I could only spot one distant lava breakout on the pali, though things have been changing daily out there.

Tonight: New Moon

Wind, rain and high surf (8 to 10-feet N, W & E shores) are all in the forecast for the entire Hawaiian island chain You can check the current Big Island rain radar here

Kilauea eruption viewing update:
Both day and night views of our two drive-in volcanoes continue to put on a continuous display of eruptive activity that draws thousands of visitors from around the world every week.

The Halema’uma’u crater has been degassing sulfur dioxide fumes by day and glowing strongly at times after dark from lava deep within the craters pit vent. Great views of this impressive crater are from the Jaggar Museum balcony within the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, depending on the weather; and the park is open to the public 24 hours a day with a nominal entrance fee by day.

Meanwhile, down along the Big Island’s coastline, many people are still making the trek out to the end of highway 130 and on to the Kalapana access road and seeing the ongoing ocean entry lava plume of broiling steam, which glows orange & red after dark. Quite often lately, we have been able to see some surface lava in the distance, and, three times in the past two months molten lava has flowed right up to the viewing area requiring the barricades to be pulled further east up the access road. For update information on the viewing area, phone the county lava-hotline at 961-8093, or after 2:00 PM: 430-1966 or 217-2215. Changing wind directions can affect the costal viewing, phone before heading out there.

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  1. I love reading your daily postings! Another fantastic photo of Pele, Leigh. Great job--be safe and keep doing what you're doing.
    JE in NC