Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Lava Lover Bo dies

Bo Lozoff; Photo courtesy Big Island Video News ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ It has been difficult for me to write this posting; Bo Lozoff was my friend. I first met Bo when he stopped in at my roadside lava photo display booth three or four years ago. We hit it off right away and he became a regular visitor to the booth. We shared dinners at his home in Kalapana Gardens and, of course, at times walked the molten lava fields together. Bo was tragically killed in a motorcycle/car accident last Thursday afternoon, November 29th. ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ Back when we first met, Bo was new to the Big Island and was fascinated by the lava, and wanted everyone to see it. He began doing casual lava tours for those interested in seeing it. His genuine excitement at seeing new molten lava breakouts was clearly evident on all his fun little lava reports that he placed on his LavaLoverBo YouTube website; "Oh my Lord! -- Just look at this beautiful breakout!" he would often exclaim as he recorded from his little flip-phone camera. We exchanged regular emails and phone calls regarding the lava activity, "I see rivers of lava pouring down the pali, we should get up there!", he might say.
Bo, in the green shirt & pointing, shows his tour group a new lava breakout. (Most of my photos of Bo are on another hard drive that I can't access at this time) ~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ WAKE FOR BO --EDIT -Gathering for Bo changed today by Dale- It will NOT be on Friday night at Uncle Robert's-- No new time has been scheduled yet. Same with the Saturday spreading of ashes-- That has been rescheduled for December 16th - a Sunday: A celebration of Bo's life is not being held at Uncle Robert's This Friday, Dec 7th as planned. But there will be another tribute done with Bo's ashes the December 16th, a Sunday morning: Meet up at 7:00 AM in the lava viewing parking lot off the end of highway 130. Bo's neighbor and very close friend Dale will be leading a walk out to the ocean entry area of lava and spreading Bo's ashes in the lava flow. ~~~ ~~~ For pictures and video showing Bo, you can see them in a well done Big Island Video News report of the accident and a review of Bo's wildly creative life HERE. On there are links to Bo's websites, as well as resent interviews done with Bo about living close to the active lava.
Above, photo taken from Kalapana Gardens last night looking out at the entire coastal plains lava flow; the new ocean entry is the streaming glow on the left.


  1. Oh, no! I'm very sad to hear this. I always looked forward to every one of his videos with his enthusiastic commentary. I'm glad to know of his other contributions to society, and so sorry that we've lost him.

  2. Yeah Bo was one-of-a-kind kinda guy; lived life to the fullest in every way. I miss him. In recent months we talked nearly every day.