Monday, November 26, 2012

Ocean and Lava November 26, 2012

This mornings new ocean entry lava at sunrise; a tour boat takes in the beautiful scene~ ~~~~ ~~~~
Click on the images to open into a better view window.


  1. beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing

  2. Thank you Runke,
    it was nice to see lava at the ocean again after such a long time~~

  3. hi, i'm from Asia and visiting Hilo today. Where. an i go to see the lava entering the sea?

  4. Hi Funky,
    email me and I will make a few suggestions for ways to see this lava flow, or even to get aboard that boat in the photo; I don't offer these things on my website here,

    ~ Leigh

  5. Aloha Leigh,
    When reading about the latest lava flow into the ocean, we were searching for new video footage for our Kohala Coast visitors and came across your photos. Very impressive! We had to share it on Google+. Mahalo, Pua & Keoki

  6. Aloha Pua & Keoki,
    I also shot video footage of the new ocean entry but have been too busy to post any of it yet... I'll link any new video on my site here,

  7. This blog is amazing, I added to favourites. Thanks and I'm waiting for more. Regards from Poland.

  8. This is my first visit to your beautiful blog, I love your latest images, Aloha Raliegh