Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Video footage of Royal Gardens lava flow

This video below is a compressed look at what I witnessed at the forest remnants of Royal Gardens subdivision, filmed over a 16-hour period there, December 4th overnight to the morning of the 5th. The helicopter you see rising out of the burning forest is carrying Jack Thompson from his isolated home at 5:30 PM Sunday.

The vid:

All of these images come alive in the video ~~
A new thrust of A`a
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any image to see them all larger.

Fields of pahoehoe

A massive set of A`a lava rivers pouring down the pali, dwarfing the forest beyond

pahoehoe on the right side and A`a on the left

EDIT December 9th: I am adding these excellent USGS/HVO aerial images to give a broader persecutive to where I recorded the video and photos: Where the lava is coming from: The Pu`u O`o Crater - These first two photos were taken the day after I filmed the event, Dec. 6th, 2011:

The image below shows exactly the area where I recorded the lava flow: specifically the entire top third of this terrain:Eruptive lava has radically changed the landscape in just 24-hours.

And here is another USGS image of the area taken on Dec. 2nd as lava as just beginning to enter the forests. The dotted lines were added by HVO to indicate where the molten lava was at that point in time:

If you would like to read my account of filming this event, I have a brief story here on my Flickr site.

~~ See my previous post for some other images and info ;)


  1. Really nice video- thanks for sharing a bit of what must have been an incredible trip.

  2. Spectacular! Brilliant work - thank you Leigh.