Sunday, December 18, 2011

Lava continues dropping off cliffs into the sea in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

Dawn at the ocean entry December 17, 2011

The volume of surface lava being sent from fissures at Pu`u O`o Crater through insulating tube systems seven miles south to the ocean changes daily. Yesterday I went by boat to witness this. Another long time lava enthusiast, Shane Turpin took me out on his infamous Lavakai charter boat (his link below) in the predawn light. On this page I will share a few of the images I took as well as a short 1-minute 45-second video of the scene.

VIDEO: shooting movies from a boat without any stabilization can tend to roll around a bit … so I kept it short so you won't get seasick :)

For more information about Captain Shane Turpin and his Big Island boat charter options, unique history and photos, check out his online site See Lava

Here are some more of the photos I took: [Click on any photo to open them all as a set of larger images]

You can see more images taken on this day, and last week, as a slideshow, or any other viewing option you desire, here on my new: Royal Gardens flow flow 2011-2012 online gallery.

My last two posts will show where this lava was last week: Coastal plains lava And the massive lava rivers running through Royal Gardens on the hillsides of the Pulama Pali.


  1. I Love your pictures, very nice!! I have some pictures of volcano in Java, please visit my blog firevolcano dot com. Thanks great to find your blog!!

  2. First 'a'a entry in a very long time!

  3. Fantastic images. Hope it continues at least for the next month when I actually arrive. Thanks for the info on the lava boat tour also.

  4. Wow. Leigh, my cousin sent me a link to your blog, but probably didn't recognize you as being at our wedding (with Oona) at Waianuhea, 2004. I do believe it's you. Life is amazing, Pele grows ever more 'aina, and it's very cool to see how you are documenting her legacy.


  5. Beautiful photos, incredible blog. Thanks for sharing. Your DVD will be amazing and would like to purchase it when available.