Thursday, February 25, 2010

Nighttime glows continue at two locations

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The image above is what the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park Overlook web cam captured at midnight last night: a super bright broiling lake of lave down inside that pit vent. The one below here is the same vent earlier at 9:30PM, with much less activity.

Wind directions at the Kilauea Caldera area allowed for good views of the active vent at times, but occasionally limited the enjoyment by blowing toxic fumes towards the Jaggar overlook balcony. Below is the view from Park Jaggar Museum web cam at around 10:00 PM. When you can see this much red on this cam a night you know the vent is kickin big-time.

A two-thirds full moon is lighting up the whole crater and the sulfur dioxide plume in the evening, which allows for greater photography options:

Meanwhile down on the coastal flats and pali (off the end of highway 130 near Kalapana) lava flow conditions remain much the same over the past few days: some strong lines of lava seen at a distance of three miles. Bring binoculars if possible.

After a few days of strong lava pressures deflation appears to be kicking back in:

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