Monday, February 22, 2010

Lava activity continues strongly at two locations

(Click on the image for a bit larger size)

Between bouts of mist and fog, the Halema’uma’u Crater pit vent glowed brightly; as seen in this photo I took there last night. Visitors had to have time and patience to get unveiled pit vent glow views.

Reports from the coastal flats say that after dark molten lava glow down the pali is pretty bright in places and was even burning some more vegetation along the route to the growth-less coastal flats below. The Hawaii Civil Defense’s new coastal flats observation area seems to be delivering some good, but distant, views of the molten lava. Bring binoculars if possible.

Lava continues slowly advancing towards the sea, and if the direction of this part of the flow remains the same, it will be crossing into the borders of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park soon, not that it will make much difference to viewing the lava at this point. The the overall daytime scene on the coastal plains was described in this post & photo.

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