Saturday, January 23, 2010

Weak inflation returns ~ Hazardous fumes Yesterday

Well when you can’t find active lava you can always go surfing here.

Sulfur dioxide levels reached hazardous levels yesterday afternoon, according to the National Park Service & USGS air quality monitors site.
The dark purple & browns represents ppm SO2 over 5.0 -- very hazardous to humans. There is some widespread vog today, but not as intense as yesterday.

Here is the USGS deformation graphs as of 10:00 AM this morning. After three full days being flat-lined, we have a weak return of magma pressures being recorded.There is still some molten lava red glows to be seen after dark from the County viewing area at the end of highway 130, but it remains at a distance for now. Perhaps it will begin to flow stronger and come down the pali farther if this inflation continues in the days to come. No lava is entering the ocean, and hasn’t for three weeks now.

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