Saturday, January 23, 2010

Inflation continues ~ Halema’uma’u glowing at night ~ Spotty surface flow

(Early Edition 11 PM the 23rd; I will be unavailable for my usual 11-AM posting)

I was down at the Hawaii County lava viewing area along with the random visitors gathered, and we did not see any active lava from there. But, after dark, further east a short ways at Kalapana Gardens we could see a line of glowing orange & red lava perched along the edge of the pali several miles upslope. This lava is the first to show again as a result of the current inflation stage. This glowing line of lava looked identical to another line that appeared at the same location last week. Here is the photo I took of that lava.

Rangers at the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park reported a bright glow from the Halema’uma’u Crater last night around 7-PM, and this likely continued. The vog was apparently not too bad at that time.

Here is the graphs showing the inflation taking place as I write this:
Click on this to get the current graph for right now.

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