Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Fairly consistent eruptions from Kilauea Volcano

Above: A crescent moon sets into the upper slopes of the Pulama Pali, with numerous lava breakouts next to it. 

Besides the huge molten lava lake within the Halema`uma`u crater floor vent that broils on, the Pu`u O`o crater continues feeding two lava flows: the Kahaualeʻa flow running through tubes, which now reaches about 5 km (3 mi) northeast from the crater USGS/HVO status page  , and the ocean entry lava 10 km (7 miles) south east of the crater.

Current Pu`u O`o lava flow map, courtesy USGS/HVO maps page Shows the active portions of both lava flows: red indicating active sections. (click on it for larger view size)

From all accounts, the Kahaualeʻa northeast flow front is approaching forests after sprawling across older (2007) flows but activity is progressing slowly, somewhat relieving our concerns of that lava heading downhill anytime soon. That flow still has the ability to turn downhill towards the southeast towards Kalapana as it skirts the 2007 flow.

Click on this image for a larger view size for reading my notes easier:

Meanwhile, here are some more images taken yesterday morning of the two ocean entry points along the southeast shores of the Big Island:
Above: Most easterly of the two ocean entries; April 16th at dawn.

 Above: 2nd ocean entry, about 1/3 mile west of the 1st. :building a small lava delta bench.

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