Monday, February 11, 2013

Kilauea lava from Pu`u o`o crater robustly (at times) pouring into the sea

Three miles southwest of Kalapana Gardens subdivision, and the terminus of highway 130, molten lava continues to find its way through lava tubes originating from Pu`u O`o crater seven miles upslope.
Many visitors with tour guides and locals make the hike out to this world wonder each day and night; taking about 45 minutes to an hour to walk across the uneven lavascape; depending on conditions.
The volume of lava entering the ocean pulsates over the hours as magma pressures fluctuate within Kilauea volcano's reservoirs. Delivery amounts to the sea also vary with how much lava Pu`u O`o spews within its crater or down the flanks; sending the remainder downslope to the ocean. On the day of these photos the volume of molten lava was low.
Click on any image to open a larger image size view window of all photos. I'll update as new changes occur ~~ Aloha, Leigh


  1. Thanks for the update Leigh. It has been 2 years now since I visited the big island and I still follow your site regularly. The friends who took me to your beautiful island in 2011 are there again and I hope they are able to enjoy these beautiful sights of activity!

  2. Great update! The Webcam views always look the same.

  3. Hello Leigh! We were at the end of Hwy 130 on Monday taking our guest to see the lava flow from a distance. We could see the steam from the ocean entry but could only describe it. Your pics taken the same day are perfect, and now she can see exactly what we were trying to explain.
    Thanks for the post!