Monday, October 1, 2012

Molten lava front pushing down the Pulama Pali

Above: the view from within Kalapana Gardens subdivision last night; the same view seen from the Hawaii County Lava viewing Area (located off the terminus of highway 130). The flow front is at around the 1000-foot/300-meter elevation and four miles distant.
Hundreds of yards/meters across, a wide and sprawling front of mostly pahoehoe type of lava with some small sections of the rough and jumbly A`a, are re-covering older lava as well as taking yet another slice out of the tattered remnants of the abandoned Royal Gardens subdivision kipuka forests.
Here are a few other photos I recorded a couple days ago at the flow front on the full moon; the last image is that full moon setting overtop the advancing lava.(Click on any image to open them all into a larger viewing window)


  1. Great photos Leigh, glad you're back! Movie is perfect!
    Steve G

  2. Hi Leigh, thanks for posting your pictures. We live on Oahu I keep watching the volcano status to find a good time to come over and see lava. We've been to Hilo/Volcano twice, but sadly there was no lava on the coast. Is your first picture from the county viewing area? And if so, were you highly zoomed? I'd like to fly over this weekend, but I'm trying to get a good idea of what I'll be able to see. Thank you in advance for your help.