Saturday, November 5, 2011

Wild weather week! My house gets pounded at night by lightning storm! (video)

Starting with the above Jack-O-Lantern Halloween sunrise October 31st, and the spectacular sunset of the same day (at page bottom below), we experienced heavy rains on all the Hawaii islands the following four days, culminating in a spectacular thunderstorm the dark wee hours of Friday morning November 4th. (two Video choices below)

Friday’s radar image and advisories:This is hours BEFORE it got serious! The sidebar on the weather site had with it a long list of weather warnings.

Below is a video I just made of the lightning, winds and rains lashing my home. Underneath is my commentary to go with that

Turn your audio up and go for the storm ride!

A second version below is Fast and furious with some different footage! -

WHAM-BAM 90- seconds version of LIGHTNING STORM Hawaii from Leigh Hilbert on Vimeo.

At 4:00 AM Friday morning November 4th, 2011, as with many people on the east side of the Big Island, a sharp Ka-Boom of thunder and brilliant flashes of light abruptly woke me. I leapt out of bed and in the dark grabbed my camera and began filming the storm.

My home is three stories high with my bedroom -loft at the top above the ohia trees, from there I have a 360 degree view from ocean to mountain, with Cape Kumukahi and its lighthouse just to the northeast. (the lighthouse light & tower can be seen in lower left corner of the last flashes at the end of the video.

As I filmed off my decks on each floor, a serious set of thunder cells pilled one atop the other while the wind gusted up faster, the rains came harder (dumping six-inches here in ten hours!) and the sky lit with many-hued lightning flashes nearly continuously all to the sharp claps and heavy booms of rolling thunder.

This was not a short-lived event, lasting about three hours in all; though I think I slept through the early stages. The National Weather Service in Honolulu had the day before forecast for East Hawaii Island "A slight chance of thunder storms" ... I think the video footage tells the real story!


Sunset sky on Halloween this week. To go along with my sunrise shot at top of page, the sunset that same day wash pretty cool too: The above shot was taken with a fisheye lens about ten minutes before the one below-- cool lacy blueish clouds in the middle of the bottom shot. Both images were from my home. Click any mage for larger size in separate window.


  1. And yet the frogs keep singing!!

  2. The coqui get all excited when it rains Barb -- they need water to lay egg sacs :) --I get excited when lightning storms come to my home!

  3. Hi Leigh!
    This afternoon (8th) was pretty good too! Had to keep cuddling the pups to reassure them that we were in it together. Seemed louder than last week, but maybe just closer to Leilani.

  4. So true Steve!
    ... I had two bolts hit next to my house here- blinding and very loud!! The neighbors thought it was a direct hit ON the house. This is why I have not been on here since then.

    I also got some movie footage of the 8th storm showing a few of the lightning bolts, some look close to your place and one hit at the geothermal power plant and ruptured some kind of a suphur gas container (according to news reports). I made another 90-second video of this but I can't upload it because it is on my Mac computer, which is still unable to connect to a modem since the 8th... I should have a new modem next week. (I managed to get the old modem working with a USB cord but that only works on my PC....