Monday, March 28, 2011

~ Lava reappearing inside Pu`u O`o ~

Soon after my post two days ago when visible lava was rising once again deep down inside the Halema’uma’u crater pit vent, the massive Pu`u O`o Crater began doing the same. Above are a couple frames of those cam images I had saved from two nights ago. You can see this new lava lake, day and night, here on the Pu`u O`o rater cam (scroll down the many cam frames to see the crater floor).

Deformation radial tilt graphs, as shown in this morning’s chart, reveal magma is once again pressurizing below both craters, indicating the return of magma through conduits feeding the east rift of Kilauea, though both craters are now in deflation.

I was anticipating we might have a heightened earthquake activity associated with any return of surface lava, but so far seismic tremor is fairly low according to today’s USGS/HVO update and a recent earthquake map:

I am very interested to see what comes next with this volcano!
… Maybe we will once again see lava pouring into the sea and making the Big Island bigger, like it has so many times before:

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