Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Trailhead viewing area inundated -- molten pahoehoe heading east up highway 130 at dawn

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The terminus of State Highway 130 is being re-paved by Pele today. Molten pahoehoe swelled up to the trailhead viewing area boundaries last night and by dawn this morning was pouring down the trail and onto the pavement of 130.

Needless to say, that viewing area is pau. I have no idea how Hawaii Civil Defense will be managing the public who will be coming down there to the viewing area today and in the days ahead. Try phoning them at 961-8093 later today and they might eventually offer an update. As of this writing their ‘lava hotline’ states, “the viewing area is open” (2pm to 10pm)…

Short 1 - 1/2 minute movie of it all: (I messed up the embed code, double-click on it to open in YouTube) Still photos are below movie)

Below are more of the photos I took early this morning of the event:
Above- 4:40 AM

End of the end of the road - Highway 130

Same location with visitors walking up the traihead in 2009

Safety Information – Read This Before Proceeding
{Appropriate sign

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