Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Intermittent visible lava activity

A woman looks out over the massive Kilauea/Halema’uma’u Crater from the Jaggar Museum overlook lanai.
(Click on image for a larger size)

I liked the strong late afternoon light on the Halema’uma’u yesterday: spliced from the USGS three cam photos. The cam can be viewed here.

Lava viewing conditions in the past few days have seen some intermittent increases in lava glow after dark at the Halema’uma’u, coastal pali and lava flats below. Pahoehoe lava branches on the coastal plain have not reached the ocean yet. DI/Deflation-Inflation magma pressures continue moving up and down every three or four days for some time now. This pulsing action has translated into the ‘intermittent’ lava viewing we are experiencing.

The Jaggar Museum overlook in the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is open day & night and continues providing occasional nighttime glow from the active lava-pit vent in the crater, as well as daytime views as seen in the photo above.

Coastal lava flows can be viewed from three miles distance at the Hawaii Civil Defense trails and vantage points located off the terminus of highway 130 near Kalapana/Kaimu.

I will not be updating this blog daily due to little change in lava activity and a busy schedule for me these days. I will add updates if conditions radically change,

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