Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Three-foot Tsunami Hits Big Island

Yep it's true,

The large 8.0 to 8.3 earthquake between the Samoan Islands yesterday morning produced an alert for a tsunami in the Hawaiian Islands that was soon downgraded to an advisory. But by afternoon a number of bays and beaches on all the Hawaiian Islands recorded sets of ocean surges and rip currents - with surges and ebbs over ten minute cycles and 3-foot changes in sea levels. Hawaii is vulnerable to tsunami events from all directions across the Pacific and we take warnings seriously.

Meanwhile, the lava is trying to get back in action towards the sea after a few days of Pele (Pay-Lay) the Volcano Goddess taking a rest. Last night some molten lava appeared on the pali (Pah-Lee)(Hawaiian for cliffs) but has not yet resumed filling the lava tubes that were left empty earlier in the week. I expect lava WILL resume in these tubes by tonight. If not, then we have a new situation developing out there and may get some strong surface flows this week, which can be quite spectacular to witness.

The official Civil Defense lava viewing area is located at the end of highway 130, as shown in this map below:

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I will be out there tonight and see wuts up and report with updates tomorrow ~~~


  1. Tsunami warnings are always exciting, especially when you live in an inundation zone. I always start listing my to do list to evacuate. Fortunately there has never been a big one in my 30 years in Hawaii.

    I am sending my prayers to the Samoans who were hit by earthquake and tsunami. Now there is the Sumatran earthquake. And so the ring of fire keeps shaking things up.

    Thanks for all those links. Now I can get your summary, and then move over to the links if I want more information.

  2. An all together great Blog! Nice job!